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balihousingrental is pleased to present you some dishes and some essential fruits in Bali… .. The food in Bali and in Indonesia is really very tasty but you should not be afraid to eat spicy. What are the dishes and
culinary specialties not to be missed in Bali.
Popular dishes are nasi goreng, nasi campur, mie goreng, ayam batutu and bebek betutu.
These are delicious dishes that you can eat in Bali in a restaurant or in a warung for really cheap. Indonesian cuisine in Bali is known to be
hearty, tasty, varied and rich in spices. The main food is rice, it is often accompanied by vegetables and either meat or fish with a delicious sauce.
with peanuts. Eating in Bali is a real pleasure !!! If you are greedy.
Rest assured if you do not want to venture out to discover Balinese dishes, there are Western dishes found all over the island or fast food restaurants like a kuta.
In the supermarket, fruits are quite expensive. The best would be to buy them in the local markets on the one hand it allows you to discover the multiple varieties, smells and flavors and on the other hand you will be surrounded by Balinese and you will feel this superb atypical atmosphere.
The market is an excellent pretext to meet the Balinese who go to the markets very early and buy what they need to make their offerings. In addition, the prices of the fruits are very cheap. Some markets are open very early in the morning and others in the afternoon. It is best to find out about the day and time of the traditional market in order to stock up on fruit

bali housing rental eat in Bali

House rental in Bali restaurant basic dishes

For all self-respecting gourmets, traveling to Bali is an opportunity to discover all kinds of exotic culinary specialties. But to fully appreciate the Balinese cuisine, it is best to know the local food habits. I will therefore help you find your way in this jumble of flavors, and also give you some tips that will optimize your tastings!

Bali housing rental The main food of Bali

As everywhere in Asia, rice is the basis of Balinese cuisine. It accompanies almost all local specialties. On the spot, this food is a true religion, so much so that it is unthinkable for an Indonesian not to eat it for more than a day! Rice has been cultivated on the island of the Gods for more than 6000 years. So the bright rice terraces, which you could discover during a tailor-made trip to Bali, testify to this ancestral tradition.

Bali housing rental Balinese and food

Contrary to our habits, you will notice during your trip to Indonesia, that the locals do not share friendly moments during meals. Usually, the mother cooks in the morning and everyone eats when they feel like it. We are far away from our endless meals where we talk for hours!

However even if the Balinese meals do not have the same atmosphere as our noisy Western tables, the local kitchen is not less refined!

Bali housing rental What do we eat in Bali?

Rice is usually served with rice instead of or accompanied by noodles:

different vegetables: cooked in English style (with water), curry, fried

from the temple (fermented soybeans that form a solid block): fried or in sauce

tofu : fried or in sauce

eggs: hard-boiled, fried, or in omelettes

fish: in sauce, grilled or fried

chicken: in sauce, grilled, fried, stewed

duck: grilled, fried, stewed

and even pork: on the spit, grilled, fried, etc.

Sauce dishes are usually prepared as a curry with vegetables and a mixture of spices and condiments.

The Balinese love fat and fried food of all kinds.  Although Indonesians are not thick, popular dishes are generally unhealthy.

Beware, some dishes can be very spicy! I therefore recommend to those with a weak stomach to order without chilli. Balinese people are used to cooking for tourists, so this should not be a problem for them.

Finally some dishes are sweet and sometimes even too sweet for our western palets! It is often the same for drinks such as iced tea (es teh) or Balinese coffee (kopi).

Bali housing rental The 3 categories of restaurants in Bali

Mobiles stalls

During your stay in Bali, you will notice that Indonesians like to snack throughout the day. They can buy chips, sweets or eat a « kaki lima ». Khaki lima are the small mobile restaurants that can be found on any street corner. To indicate their presence, they all have their own sound signal. There are those who use an « ice cream man » melody or those who constantly shake a shrill bell. There are also those who hit a plate with a spoon and shout « BACKSOOO! »

These mobile stalls are part of the decor, they are the image of a country without complexes and finally I find that it reinforces the local folklore.

 The kaki lima are very practical when you don’t have a lot of time, when you want to eat on the go or take something to go. They usually serve small dishes like :

 – bakso (soup with vermicelli and meatballs) or soto ayam (soup with vermicelli, some vegetables and chicken)

– sate skewers (chicken or goat kebabs served with peanut sauce)

– martabak (a salty pancake filled with eggs and other ingredients) and Terang bulan (a kind of thick pancake often filled with chocolate)
– or simply toasted corn cobs

– or simply toasted corn cobs

The warungs 

Warungs are the small local restaurants. They are usually run by families and serve unpretentious but often very tasty traditional cuisine. There are 2 types of warung.

The first one cooks specialties to order while the second one prepares different dishes which they display in a window. A tip, don’t rely on the appearance of a warung but rather look to see if there are many Balinese inside. If so, this is the place to eat!

Among the most famous Balinese specialties you will find in the warungs :

– the famous « babi guling »: suckling pig cooked on a spit (it’s my favorite!) It is usually eaten on holidays but fortunately some warungs have made it their specialty and serve it every lunchtime. Indeed babi guling takes a long time to cook and after lunch time, there is usually no more babi guling.

– the  » nasi campur  » : this is the specialty of the warungs  » vitrine « , accompanied by white rice (nasi putih) you choose a mix (campur) of the different dishes on the display. When you go to eat a nasi campur, I advise you to ask for a curry sauce from one of the curries on the display to be served on your rice. Your plate will be even better!

– the  » nasi goreng  » : fried rice with vegetables, an egg and some pieces of meat or seafood according to your choice.

– the « mie goreng »: fried noodles with vegetables, an egg and pieces of meat or seafood

– rarer but really succulent the « bebek betutu »: duck stuffed with spices and condiments, cooked in a stew.

Restaurants in Bali

In Indonesia, locals categorize restaurants above warungs. Restaurants often have a more refined setting and service. In terms of standing, some gourmet restaurants even rival those in Europe.

The island of the Gods is very developed, so you will find, for sure, all the dishes you like. Moreover, chefs from all over the world have settled in Bali to open their own restaurants. Finally, I would still advise you to taste the local dishes in one of the Balinese gourmet restaurants such as the « Bambu restaurant » in Seminyak or the « Locavore » in Ubud. I am sure you will be surprised by the originality and the delicacy of the dishes they offer!

I hope that all these little tips will be useful for your culinary tour in Bali and that as for me, the discovery of the local cuisine will be a nice surprise for you. Selamat makan!

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