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Bali house rental: layout of the villa

Rental house Bali location
With the video you enter the details of the villa
The villa can be closed completely in the evening and fully opened when you want
Then the bedroom windows are protected by a UV sun filter which protects you from the heat and you are in your bedroom invisible from the outside without having to put the curtain
Overall, maximum comfort is provided Wi-Fi storage smart TV small desk for working comfort on your computer and you can charge your laptop or computer directly from the USB cable
Anyway the air conditioning is of course present in all the rooms
The bathroom is spacious and flowery
The large 120 m2 living room allows you to eat in the kitchen bar and sit on the sofas over a drink
In addition, a large round glass table on a support root will allow you to eat at 8 or more
A large guest toilet adds great comfort
From the living room overlooking the swimming pool at 3 meters but also on the rice fields with breathtaking views
The living room fans will allow you to be pleasantly rocked by the fresh air but also the fresh wind from the sea
Finally we let you visit the Bali villa rental with this video or find the description piece by room HERE

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