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Bali housing rental : unique travel and adventure experience

bali housing rental raid
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bali housing rental : adventure and camping

created a partnership with Zet Rally Camp
All their specialties ADVENTURE AND CAMPSITE
We would like to provide you with a unique travel and adventure experience.Our activities range from ‘250’ motorcycle rally and 4 × 4 rally, trekking, adventure and pre-wedding photography.
Explore with us the island of Sumba and its surroundings and discover the hidden beauty of its paradises, its wild nature and its unique culture. Our adventure activities will be complemented by outdoor camping, surrounded by a unique Sumba setting, with campfire and barbecue, the clean air without pollution at night can enjoy the beauty of the stars of the Milky Way which will be an unforgettable and extraordinary experience.
It’s not a simple walk, it’s an experience – ZRC

Bali housing rental : motorcycle rally camp

motorcycle rally camp
It is a motorcycle adventure activity to reach remote areas only accessible by powerful Rallye 250 motorcycles adapted to wild conditions.
During the adventure, spend the night in a campsite or a traditional village house.
4 × 4 car rally camp
To explore remote and wild routes accessible only by 4X4, this adventure is very exciting. Safety and comfort are essential.
During the adventure, you will spend the night at a campsite / traditional house in the village.

Bali housing rental : camp the draw

trekking camp
During your trekking activities, you will experience river crossings, hikes in the low hills of the savannah (100 to 500 m altitude and daytime temperatures are 28 to 34 ° C), with views to cut the breath and the encounter of traditional villages which will deepen your adventure and bring your memory closer to nature and its inhabitants.
During the adventure, spend the night at a campsite or a traditional village house.

Bali housing rental : adventure photography camp

adventure photography amp
We have programs for both amateur and professional / adventurous photographers to explore the natural beauty and unique culture. Take extraordinary photos during your trip.
During the adventure, spend the night in a campsite or a traditional village house.

Bali housing rental : pre-wedding photography

Pre-wedding photography
Sumba nature and culture are very interesting to complement the happiness of the bride and groom and provide them with unforgettable memories for your photo album. Many unique views are possible from the ocean, mountains, savannah, rivers, waterfalls and more

Bali housing rental : and more .... optional

still …
* Optional
The adventure program is flexible and can be adapted to your particular wishes. Please specify your program. We will organize the adventure program you wish to have.

Bali housing rental : Our partner Z R C organizes motorcycle raids and trekking raids on the island of SUMBA

Technical data sheets
Bali housing rental adventure and camping
Technical data sheets
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