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Joglo and Limasan are structures of traditional Javanese architecture and the most popular vernacular dwellings in Java. These houses have spread to other areas across Central Java and Yogyakarta Province in Indonesia. Considering the local characteristics, the architecture of these structures is not only identical in some respects, but is also based on people and the natural environment. This study examines how environmental synchronization linked to vernacular sustainability can be achieved based on the regional diversity between Joglo and Limasand in Central Java for contemporary custom. The architectural features of form, size, orientation, materials and apertures of samples from 10 areas of rural central Java are compared to discover their distinctive sustainability methods. This study aims to prove the ability of the Javanese to synchronize their home in various ways. The reasons for such synchronization are explored from both natural and social perspectives to better understand the disparity of vernacular architecture in relation to the environment. The results indicate that within a single category, the houses of each zone show their native architecture resulting from the synchronization with the local nature and the social circumstances of the population.
Now many houses in Bali have adopted architecture

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