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important information Driving license in Bali.
you must have an international license to drive in Bali.
it is good to know that in bali the permit does not happen. it can be bought! you will understand, there are no hard and fast rules for driving. no priority or roundabout… you will have to adapt your driving to the rules in force in Bali and do it quickly.
if ever you do not have the international license, you will have to invest to acquire a Balinese driving license. beware, in the absence of a permit, the fine is 2,000,000 rp and the vehicle is confiscated.
Whether it is a car or a scooter, the international license is required. the police do not distinguish between vehicles as long as you have your international license. then, everything is a question of personality and strength of conviction. some officers will turn a blind eye to the unchecked motorcycle box while others will seek to tax you. so it is always useful to have a few extra rupees on you to facilitate conversation.
Scooter safety on the roads of Bali
To visit lombok and bali by scooter, be aware that you have to drive on the left. better know that from the start! it can be unsettling at first for some but you get used to it quickly.
Wearing a helmet is compulsory with the strap permanently attached. avoid driving at night for your safety and due to the lack of street lighting. in Bali, it is dark around 6 p.m. in summer.
To rent a scooter, it’s very easy. talk to your host as soon as you arrive in Bali. In any case, he will know whether to bring your scooter directly to your accommodation or he will point you to a nearby scooter rental company. and scooters, in bali, this is not what is missing!

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