House rental in Bali Architecture Gladak

GLADAKs are generally teakwood constructions that are over 100 years old.
They allow you to store crops, rice, cereals
They are built high on pillars, which allows good ventilation for drying, but also the harvest is out of reach of the animals.
We go to the villages to buy these houses, now rarely used, we dismantle them and reassemble them either in a traditional or more modern way at your request, to make rooms.
These rooms are very comfortable.
You can choose the roof covering « tiles or wood or alang alang or traditional tiles
We are building a bathroom at the back, and now we have a bungalow, a very comfortable lodge, but still in the spirit of the country.
In any case, once finished, the GLADAKs are beautiful and comfortable.

House rental in Bali gladak
House rental in Bali gladak


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